Outreach & Education

This lovely photo leads us to believe that the moon itself is well within our grasp. To touch we simply need to reach for it.

Reaching for the stars is a fun thought, yet it is one that will leave a person dismayed because it is always slightly beyond our touch. It is, with this in mind, we want to reach out as far as we are able to maintain the ability to touch the hearts of those who need us. 


We will place effort, time, and funds on reaching out into the community. We want to spread the word about our services and the need. The need in our geographic area is significant and our people are hugely underserved.


Education and outreach go hand in hand. We will provide a concentrated effort in informing people of the services that are available to them. We will put forth a diligent effort to teach the community about mental health needs and issues. Mental health has long been a subject swept under the rug or brushed off as something that only happens to those with little faith.

Photo credit: Freida Brantley